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As a vertically integrated oil and gas company, RigMax offers a comprehensive range of services in oil and gas industry as our team is proficient across all disciplines and operate in multiple sectors-over the whole value chain system needed to successfully execute large-scale energy projects and has significant experience in services listed below.  


Gulf of Mexico

Latin America

Latin America

North Sea


West Africa 

Gulf of Arabia




New Zealand 

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Exploration & Production Opportunities – Pursuing both Domestic and International participation opportunities.

Exploration & Production Management – Creating comprehensive financial, management and service packages to assist countries or companies in maximizing their assets.

Directional Drilling – Directional services that tackle the most complex well trajectories, temperatures and pressures allowing operators to obtain maximum economic returns on reservoirs.

Contract Drilling – Assembling the latest equipment and personnel to meet the changing industry requirements turnkey or day-rate.


Natural Gas Processing Plants – Design, install and operate midstream processing facilities.

Pipelines – Design, installation and project management of the infrastructure to transport crude, natural gas and refined products to refineries or distribution outlets.


Refining Facilities – Design, installation and operation of oil refineries or petrochemical plants.


Engineers, specialists and operators who can provide expertise throughout all levels of the oil and gas value chain.

RigMax LLC

Vertically Integrated

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